The R'n'Beatles

Be transported to the hot, sweaty, smokey, and ELECTRIC early days of the formative Fab Four's Cavern and Star Club beginnings with the RnBeatles! Playing all the rock 'n' roll and rhythm and blues belters that were in the Beatles' very first sets - when the soon-to-be 'mockers' were most definitely more rocker than mod, and when circle skirts, bobby socks and pony tails, DAs, drainspipes and winklepickers, and jiving like your life depended on it were the order of the day! Or should that be night?!

Playing fantastic numbers by the likes of Little Richard, Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry, Smokey Robinson and The Isley Brothers, plus plenty they wrote and recorded themselves, get yourselves a shot of rhythm and blues with The RnBeatles and get ready for RnBeatlemania!!!!



The RnBeatles - Slow Down


The R'n'Beatles promo video


R'n'Beatles Photo